Essential Details On How To Be Part Of UK’s Fire Brigade

Being a firefighter is not easy since danger is always associated with it. One should be prepared physically, emotionally, and mentally to join the fire brigade. There were many who attempted to join but many also failed. To pass the training in becoming a firefighter, you should be more skilful and smart. But getting an entry to become a firefighter is hard. You should not just be patient; your best effort must also be given if you want to pursue this career. The procedure of joining the UK fire and rescue services differs throughout the UK but with same principles.

Important Tests And Requirements To Become A Firefighter

  • Eyesight Requirement – our eyesight deteriorates due to several factors, and firefighters are required to a particular level of good eyesight.
  • Psychological Tests – this section contains 3 different tests: (1) working with numbers wherein applicant’s skill is measured when comprehending and dealing with numeric data, (2) understanding information wherein applicants are able to understand and read written information, and (3) problem-solving and situational awareness is evaluating applicant’s skill to ensure their own and other people’s safety as well as the ability to solve problems.
  • Physical Test – to determine your fitness level, manual agility and strength and level of confidence. There are 6 physical tests: (1) climbing on the ladder, (2) evacuation of casualty, (3) lifting of ladder/lower simulation, (4) enclosed spaces, (5) assembly of equipment, and (6) carrying of equipment.
  • Interview Question – this is used to evaluate your experience with regards to your personal attributes and qualities. Areas likely to be considered are working with others, devotion to excellence, and devotion to development, devotion to integrity and diversity and effective communication.
  • Medical Examination – this is done when you’re almost finished with the training, and you are invited to participate. This kind of test involves the following:
  1. Hearing test – you will be asked to press a button upon hearing a sound while sitting in a sound proof booth wearing headphones
  2. Step test – you will be requested to step up and down on a box while the rate of your heart is monitored and the step rate will slowly be increased.
  3. Lung function – you will be requested to blow hard and long on a hollow tube, and a reading is obtained and assessed accordingly.
  4. Physical stamina – you will be required to squat on a machine to test your thigh and back strength and pulling a specific measurement.
  5. General test – you’ll finally see a physician that will test your reflexes and explain your medical questionnaire.
  6. Chest x-ray – some FRSs will recommend you to go to the hospital for chest x-ray.

When you are ready to join the fire brigade, you must possess all the qualifications and quality of a firefighter.

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