Every firefighter needs additional knowledge of their profession. They have to upgrade and update themselves to become more effective in their career. That is why the fire service college was created way back before World War 2, its name was different but the principle used is the same. Many training facilities were created then for firefighters to have additional trainings and to be more equipped.

The fire service college is responsible for producing advanced operational training courses, management and leadership for senior fire officers from United Kingdom and other foreign fire authorities. The college delivers the entire spectrum of training for all levels for firefighters, which includes initial training for the recruits. They have a wide-range of facilities for practical training and theoretical education in fire fighting, accident, fire safety and emergency work.


Operational Training:

  • Breathing apparatus complex- area where firefighters train in vital situation through the use of breathing apparatus equipment. This complex has several highly flexible facilities.
  • Industrial complexes – flexible facility that enables firefighters to test their skills and capability in both industrial and factory settings.
  • Domestic property – household fire is one of the common fires, and this facility resembles a realistic house scenario to test the capability and skill of the firefighter.
  • High rise property – this facility is made up of six floors and can be used to engage in cold smoke or hot fire situation.
  • A ship – dealing with marine and sea situations.
  • A railway – complex rail way incidents are being tested in this facility.
  • A mock motorway and RTC – exposing firefighters to current motor technologies, techniques and hazards.
  • Fire behavior units – this is very important in firefighters because they will experience and learn special techniques and skills in dealing potential lethal situation such as “flashover and backdraft”.
  • Urban search and rescue – training exercises such as carrying out search and rescue techniques, multi-level collapsed buildings and working in the confined area.

The fire service college was also used in training military and police personnel. The college is a very important facility where trainings are being made to help save people’s lives.