Fire service in UK has well-trained people who are dedicated to help other people and respond to emergency services. If you are thinking about this career, it has a very good salary every month, but you should also submit to some conditions. Being part of the fire service in UK is not a simple task that is why they deserve to be paid accordingly.

The Fire Service Salary In UK

Here is a glimpse of the fire fighter’s salary in UK. You should know that some positions are subject to overtime pay and as the competence level increases, so does the salary. It may take years for one to achieve its competence and be promoted to the rate the fire fighter deserves.



Trainee £21,583
Development £22,481
Competent £28,766

Crew Manager
Development £30,574
Competent £31,892

Watch Manager
Development £32,582
Competent A £33,487
Competent B £35,664

Station Manager
Development £37,096
Competent A £38,209
Competent B £40,915

Group Manager
Development £42,723
Competent A £44,005
Competent B £47,361

Area Manager
Development £50,156
Competent A £51,660
Competent B £55,018

Other Important Details That You Should Know:

  • Whole-time fire fighters work in urban areas while retained fire fighters work in rural areas wherein he typically lives just five minutes away from the fire station. Retained fire fighters are either employed or self-employed and they are allowed to leave work to respond to an emergency incident.
  • The hours of work may not be the regular social hours. Some may have to work a two-day shift which is followed by two night shifts and then four days off.
  • You can find a list of available jobs for the fire and rescue services in the entire UK by simply searching for it over the Internet.

There are still other conditions that you will want to know about this career, it is recommended to do your research first.

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