There are 50 fire and rescue services or also called as FRS in the entire UK. Most of the FRS before was known as county or brigade’s fire services but the standard terminology FRS is now used. It is governed by fire and rescue authority, but they are different. Fire and rescue authority is a legislative, administrative and public body, which is made up of civilians who are mostly members of elected regional or local bodies, and the fire and rescue services are funded through the share of council tax. At the start of 21st century, the FRS has undergone through a lot of changes because of the new legislation and a change and development to its procedures in operation regarding terrorism threats and attacks, and also because of the devolution of the government powers.

If you are wondering what FRS can provide, they can actually do Home Fire Safety Checks and fit smoke alarms to a number of people in the community that are vulnerable. You may be visited at your place, but you need to gather more information first and learn if you are eligible for it or not. Below is a list of what you can do regarding home fire safety checks.

  1. You can visit the website of the Chief Fire Officers Association. You will see a list of local fire and service rescue, all you need to do is to choose a specific location, and it will lead you to another website.
  2. Depending on the location, you can submit a home visit request form from their website. You will need to provide your full name, email address, telephone number, address and postcode and other necessary details and then submit. There are some websites that would want you to email them or call their office to schedule the home visit.
  3. Home Checks are usually provided for free.
  4. You just need to wait for the schedule of the visit if you qualify.

In their websites, they provide very helpful information and tips regarding fire prevention, and you will want to take note of them. There are also recommendations on what you can do such as installing fire alarms and their appropriate locations in the house. You should take advantage of the free home fire safety check. They will give you basic assessment of the level of fire risks in your home, which will not take more than an hour depending on the size of your home. What are you waiting for? Set up an appointment now.