We all know that even before the development and improvement of equipment used to put out fire, the basic and primary role of firemen is to respond to fire-related emergency situations to protect the people and the environment. If you are thinking about becoming a part of these brave and courageous men, then you should first be familiar with the typical work activities they do. Below are the details you can take note.

What Firemen Usually Do In UK

  • Automatically respond to emergency calls and assistance request.
  • Attends to emergency situations such as fires, flood, road accidents, rail and air crashes, bomb incidents and dangerous substance spills.
  • Rescuing the people and animals that are trapped.
  • Giving first aid treatment before the crews from ambulance arrive and safeguarding everyone’s personal safety at the same time.
  • Clean-up and checking of the site after the incident have already been dealt.
  • Giving time in familiarizing the streets, buildings and roads within their area so that they can respond to emergency calls right away.
  • Constant inspection and maintenance of fire equipment. Assists in testing the fire hydrants as wells as checking of water supplies to be used for emergency incidents.
  • Undergoes physical training and drills and also participates in training on the use of equipment, techniques and other related concerns.
  • Maintains physical fitness to carry out the duties effectively.
  • Informing and educating the public to promote fire safety such as home visits and giving advice, presenting to schools and organisations.

Being a fireman requires more of your physical strength. If you think you can do the basic activities and work of a fireman, then you should consider this career. But first, you need to know more about its requirements and the necessary trainings that you need to undergo for you to successfully become an effective fireman. You will want to ask the firemen in your area to get more specific details about their job.

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